Compliance with regulatory requirements is getting more and more important in today’s business world. A key to this is control over identities and their access rights. CGI’s service IAM RCMaaS is an efficient tool for handling user accounts that helps to strengthen the control over what access rights and roles a user possess. A continuous process to find, refine, verify and re-certify access rights contributes to comply with regulatory requirements, minimize security risks and by delivering better quality also lower cost of maintenance.


Today there are strict security requirements and requirements for compliance with laws and regulations. This means new challenges regarding the need for monitoring and reporting the user's access to resources and information. Statistics show that on average 30 % of all user permissions are incorrect. The critical success factor within the IAM area is to have control over the employees' access rights to prevent operational risk due to low data quality regarding permissions. By this Costumer ensures that the right user has the proper access rights, at the right time, at the right level and that they are adjusted as the users change roles or terminate their employment.

RCMaaS offers analysis and workflows in order to automate the compliance processes by structured methods for re-approving the organization's identities, access rights and roles in a structured way. The service can also help your organization to define and implement roles in order to streamline and reduce the administrative workload. By implementing the service Costumers organization can focus on the core activities, where CGI ensures a proactive, long-term working approach instead of dispersed point efforts.

Key benefits

  • Cost-effective management of identities and access rights
  • A regular Re-certification process to ensure that users do not have unnecessary or directly incorrect permissions
  • Simplified administration of access rights and access management
  • Automatic identification of access conflicts according to regulations.
  • A simple way to comply with laws and regulations